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Legacy Projects

ultima 1 - a legend is reborn

This is the 3d remake of the truely classical rpg Ultima 1. The project has been shut down.
Check out some screenshots and download the last techdemo released.

Ultima 1 - a legend is being put to rest.

the underworld viewer

This isn't really a game. It was Telemachos' private little sparetime project. Basically it's an evolving Ultima Underworld viewer. To run it requires a version of Ultima Underworld.

Ultima Underworld Viewer

the mount drash project

Escape from Mount Drash was ported from the Vic20 to PC by Telemachos.
Included in the download is the sourcecode for the project.

Mount Drash 0.4 Mb .zip

final tetris

Final tetris is Peroxide's contribution to the ever growning horde of tetris clones. Sadly it never reached completion but it's playable and quite fun.

Final Tetris demo 4.7 Mb .zip


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Please report any bugs or problems to Soren Seeberg